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Yadiel reached his goals in a month with Decaduro.




  • Cutting

AGE GROUP: 18 - 30



  • Muscle Definition

Which products did you use?


What changes did you notice on your body?
Made my muscles more solid and got a small weight amount from 62 kg to 65kg. My abdomen became more visible and I got a six pack.

Did you have any changes in strength?

Really good increase in strength in all types of exercises at the gym.

What’s your training program?

Full body routine,1 hour at the gym Mondays ,Wednesdays and Friday, the rest of the days rest.

What’s your overall feedback on CrazyBulk?

This product is amazing, I achieved the results I wanted in one month using Decaduro; nice gains in all ways.

Products used

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DecaDuro (Deca Durabolin)

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